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No New Posts The Database

This is your first stop on the site. All rules and other important information can be found here.

10 10 Map Of The Region
by Macabre
Aug 26, 2012 4:00:39 GMT -5
No New Posts Announcements and News

Get the most updated announcements and news right here!

2 2 Private Messages!
by Lucifer
Aug 26, 2012 8:48:23 GMT -5
No New Posts Suggestions // Help

If you have a question, or would like to suggest something for the site, post it here.
Guest Friendly!

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No New Posts Mod Me!

If it's three days since you've gotten a response from a mod, then create a thread in here with a link to your thread and a short summary of what's going on and a Mod will get to you ASAP.

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No New Posts Advertise/Affiliation

If you wish to advertise your site, feel free to. Please follow the rules.
Sister sites: OPEN. Scrolling Affil.: OPEN. Static Affil.: OPEN
Guest Friendly!

Sub-boards: Link Backs, Affiliate

61 63 Nvaedan Weyr - Pern Ruined
by Shiva
Jan 6, 2014 10:08:24 GMT -5
No New Posts Staff Board

This is where the staff members go to discuss things related to the site. If you would like to apply for a staff position, check out the Apply For A Staff position in the OCC category.

Sub-boards: Moderator's Spot, Designer's Spot

3 3 General Guidelines For Staff
by Macabre
Aug 27, 2012 20:47:26 GMT -5


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No New Posts General Talk

This is where all off-site discussions go. This can be anything fro random Roleplays, to the color of your hair. However, we ask that you keep it PG-13 here. NO SEX TALK.

Sub-boards: Introduction, Personal Talks, Pokemon Gaming, Roleplays

5 25 Favourite Pokemon?
by spotty
Aug 29, 2012 21:45:56 GMT -5
No New Posts Creative Corner

This is where you can post your own art work, poetry, or writings. If you would like to show off your Fakemons, please follow the rules under the Fakemon board.

Sub-boards: Art, Fakemons, Poetry, Writings

1 1 Fakemon Rules
by Macabre
Jul 22, 2012 15:08:50 GMT -5
No New Posts Apply For Staff

If you feel like you've got what it takes to join the Staff Force, please feel free to submit your application. Your application will be discussed by all staff and if we think you're suited for the job, you'll start ASAP. Please follow the template.

2 3 Guidelines
by Macabre
Aug 22, 2012 22:55:32 GMT -5


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No New Posts Character Applications

This is where all Pending and Approved Character Applications are. Please follow the template when making your Character Sheet.

Sub-board: Approved Sheets

8 13 Myles Novak
by spotty
Sept 4, 2012 19:38:10 GMT -5
No New Posts Apartments and Houses [casual]

This section only needs fifty words per post! Create your own apartment/house in any village, city, town etc, and enjoy random parties with your visitors!

1 1 Must-read Guide for A&H
by Lucifer
Aug 26, 2012 5:27:06 GMT -5
No New Posts PC Boxes

After your Character Sheet is approved, this is your second stop. You can set up your PC Box however you like, but it must have a link to your Character Sheet and show all details of every Pokemon you own.

4 4 Gaius' PC
by Gaius Sollux [Lucifer]
Aug 27, 2012 22:59:56 GMT -5
No New Posts Character Extras

This is where you can put all sorts of extra information about your characters here. The list ranges from Journals to Character Development.

Sub-boards: Development, Journals, Thread Tracker, Wanted/Wish List

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No New Posts Trading Station

If you would like to trade Pokemon with another member, please make a thread in this board in which you and the other member agree to the trade. A Mod will approve the trade and bam -- The trade is complete. Simple.

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Main Routes

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No New Posts Starting Zone

This is where you'll start out your journey. Please go to the board for your class and pick out a starter Pokemon.

Sub-boards: Forest Relic, Hunter's Guild, Trainer Union

8 19 Lilliana's First Pokemon
by Macabre
Aug 29, 2012 14:11:19 GMT -5
No New Posts Ascenda Route

A very direct, straight concrete path that cuts through a peaceful forest. Though the main path doesn't ever turn, there are many side paths that you can travel along -- Just don't get lost!

3 31 The first spark of darkness [open/mod]
by Tiffany Atarrin [WC]
Aug 31, 2012 6:15:16 GMT -5
No New Posts Estriatus City

The first stop in your journey. It's a rather large town with many buildings that seem to disappear into the clouds. Many streets twist and turn throughout the city, so try not to get lost. This is also where your first gym battle is.

Sub-board: Estriatus Gym

1 1 Alisha's Team
by Macabre
Jul 20, 2012 20:43:22 GMT -5
No New Posts Fallback Town

Fallback used to be a ghost town located next to the Ancient Savannah, with buildings and houses resembling the old Wild West. A few months ago, the Hunters had decided to revitalize the area to create a small oasis in the middle of nowhere, and the town was brought back to life. The western styled building still remain, but a Pokemart and other shops can now be seen inside them.

2 2 TM/HM Laboratory - Ingenious Choices!
by Lucifer
Aug 24, 2012 0:05:35 GMT -5
No New Posts Discovery Bay

A bustling beach that seems to be the focal point of the region. At night, some special crystals in the sand would glow, creating a line of blue along the coastline. Crystals can also be seen underwater, dimly illuminating the water from below. No matter the time of the day this long, narrow beach is always occupied by people and Pokemon alike. There is also an underwater diving facility located right beneath the sand.

Sub-board: Discovery Reef

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No New Posts Violeus District

Far away from the beach lies a small, yet dense patch of buildings. These shady, run down buildings look as if they had been abandoned years ago, but from the corner of your eye you can see people passing through the shadows. It's definitely a creepy place.

Sub-board: Violeus Gym

1 1 Riley's Team
by Macabre
Aug 25, 2012 19:19:45 GMT -5
No New Posts Wayward Forest

The sparse trees and short grass hardly make this area worthy of being called a "forest", but the natives insist that this is in fact a forest. Regardless, it is a very short walk from here to your next stop.

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No New Posts Aeris Town

Located along the shore of a beautiful, sparkling lake, these people honor the legendary Pokemon Suicune and Azelf. A noteworthy fact of this town is that there are virtually no Hunters, and even the Gym leader hardly acts like a Hunter.

Sub-board: Aeris Gym

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No New Posts Ancient Savannah

A large, dry grassland spans out forever it seems, and it's obvious that the trek to the next town will be a long one. However, there are many fossil and ancient Pokemon in this land.

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No New Posts Alternia City

Though not quite as big as Estriatus City, this town is renown for it's advancements in technology. This is by far the most advanced town in the entire region, so you should take advantage of the fancy equipment available here.

Sub-board: Alternia Gym

1 1 The Fountain of Evolution
by Lucifer
Aug 24, 2012 4:06:37 GMT -5
No New Posts Rugged Path

Twisting and turning, uneven and messy, this dirt path looks as if it had been made by a drunken bulldozer. From time to time the path fades away, but people don't seem to get lost that lost along this path.

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No New Posts Pollus City

Ironically, this will probably be the happiest, kindhearted place you will encounter in your travels. Everyone seems to want to help everyone and Pokemon battling seems to be nothing but fiction here.

Sub-board: Pollus Gym

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No New Posts Tunnel of Time

A wide, long tunnel stretches out in front of you, but in the far distance you can see the light shining in from the other end. Excluding a few side dead-end paths, this tunnel is very straightforward. Legend tells that this was the place that the Time Travelers made their leap in time.

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No New Posts Croceus Village

Now this is where it's at! Parties rage nonstop here and spirits are always high. Feel free to let loose and lighten up while you stay here, just remember that this is also where the most Hunters lurk.

Sub-board: Croceus Gym

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No New Posts Serene Jungle

After partying hard and battling hard, it's nice to take a stroll through this mellow jungle where the weather is mild and the Pokemon calm.

Sub-board: Mystic Point

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No New Posts Nivalis Town

Bundle up, because this is an icy town. The weather is cold, and the people are just as frosty. Located at the base of a mountain these people take great pride in their minerals and ores, but that doesn't necessarily mean they'll share them with you.

Sub-boards: Mirror Lake, Nivalis Gym

3 7 Underneath the surface [mod]
by Whimsical Cotton
Sept 1, 2012 9:45:50 GMT -5
No New Posts Divided Path

For a while this path that cuts through a frosty winter wonderland in a straight, unfaltering path. However, roughly half way to your destination the path divides into two directions. Which path will you take?

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No New Posts Aegis City

Walking into this city is like going back in town. Despite modern influence this city has managed to retain almost all of it's historic charm. Time Travelers will obviously find this place very comforting.

Sub-board: Aegis Gym

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No New Posts Crystal Labyrinth

Just outside of Ignescense City you find yourself standing in front of a large wall of glass which you assume is the entrance. A sign near the entrance tells you that this is a vast maze made out of crystals and glass, where only those who can make it out of this maze may go on to challenge the Elite Four. You better get going!

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No New Posts Elite Four

As soon as you make it out of the maze you are standing on the steps leading up to what appears to be a palace with four towers--Two on your left and two on your right. The stairs branch off and lead to each of the towers. Which tower will you challenge first?

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No New Posts Trainer Lounge

Three buildings stand in a very loose triangle. The closet building is a neutral meeting ground where trainers of all kinds can visit and have a friendly battle.
No Pokemon Can Be Stolen In Any Boards Here.

Sub-boards: Hunter's Lounge, Time Traveler's Lounge

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No New Posts Sailor's Peak

Right after stepping from the Rugged Path, you can hear the sounds of ships blaring their massive horns. If you choose to stray from the main path, you'll find yourself at a bustling harbor in which you may take a ferry to one of the nearby island. There are also assorted shops and trainers that you can interact with.

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No New Posts Crystal Path

You find yourself walking into a pitch black cave, and for a while you're literally walking blind. But, as if you had just stepped on a light switch, thousands of crystals begin to light up and illuminate the entire cave. This would be a great place to find rare plates and gems.

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No New Posts Dreamweaver Forest

Though you're not too sure when, or how you got into this forest, but it is surely the most beautiful place you have ever been. Exotic flowers bloom left and right, and magnificent trees create a breath taking canopy above you. Some uncommon Pokemon might appear here.

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No New Posts Grimm Gorge

Slicing through the Savannah is a large river... Nearly 500 feet down. Few dare to climb down into the gorge, and so few have been able to capture the ever illusive Fossil Pokemon that dwell below.

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No New Posts Heaven's Spire

Located at the base of this endless tower is the only cemetery in the entire region, so getting past that is a journey in itself. However, it's just a kid's trip compared to hiking up the tower, which seems to literally go on forever.

Sub-board: Litwick Stairwells

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No New Posts Twin Mountain Base

A pair of massive mountains reach up into the clouds above, but from where you're standing you can't really make out just how high they go. Looks like you better get hiking.

Sub-boards: Frozen Peak, Magma Peak

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